What We Do

Our Cybersecurity Vision

We regard cybersecurity not as an end unto itself. We instead see the cybersecurity controls deployed to protect information, people and physical assets as means to an end. The end of the technical, procedural, personnel and physical security controls is to help ensure that critical information infrastructure works reliably and continues to support business processes even under attack.

 We are routinely commissioned to engineer and validate security controls around systems handling vast volumes of sensitive, “Classified” or “Protectively Marked” data. Thus, we help Governments, citizens, consumers, regulators and enterprises operating critical information infrastructure (CII) to gain confidence around the adequacy of controls in place to mitigate cyber threats and risks.

We understand the benefits and limits of technical tools because our core expertise lies in the technical Internet security domain. Therefore, to help you protect against threats to core business processes, we combine technical solutions with procedural, personnel and physical security controls. Our balanced approach helps you select the security controls that match the risks, needs and circumstances of your specific organisation. As we discuss later in this brochure, our services include:

  • Cybersecurity Strategy Design & Implementation
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Solution Design
  • Risk Management & IT System Accreditation
  • Security Operating Model Design & Transformation
  • National Cybersecurity Policy Frameworks
  • Technical Security Architecture Design and Review
  • Cybersecurity Training & Skills Transfer
  • Physical Security Controls — Design & Review